About us

What is Medical Billology?

Medical Billology in the medical terminology world means the study of medical billing. Medical Billers are in high demand and as the medical billing industry continues to grow, more businesses will need medical billers to help them maintain & grow financially within their business. Believe it or not, there are people who are dedicated to working for companies to help them achieve financial success. 

So how can Medical Billology help?  Well, you are in luck! Medical Billology is a job board dedicated to connecting employers to candidates with the skills needed and gives the candidate an opportunity to work for a great employer and utilize their skills to be successful.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect Medical Billers and Medical Providers to join forces to create financial success and job opportunities. Medical Billers understand what medical billing entails and will be able to focus on many areas to ensure company goals and revenue is being met. So when an employer hires a Medical Biller, they are also benefiting themselves to have success for their business and/or practice by giving a candidate an opportunity to help build financial goals as well as career goals.


For Employers

Got job openings and looking for Medical Billers to help you reach your financial goals for your business or practice? Post your job and gain access to resumes for potential candidates to join your team today! We offer several job posting plans to get your jobs posted quickly and easily! Choose package plans that fit your budget and come with company features to attract candidates to your job post.  Its easy to get started and get the hiring process going to find the right candidate for your business. Check out job posting plans here!


For Job Seekers

Are you looking for a career or a job where you can put your medical billing skills and expertise to good use? Or are you looking to start a rewarding career in Medical Billing and want to get your feet in the door? Let Medical Billology help you find your next job opportunity and connect you to your next job! All you have to do is sign up, upload your resume and start applying! It's just that easy! 

If you can't find anything that you are interested in at the moment, that's okay! Sign up to get job alerts once new opportunities are posted on our site so that you are the first to see them and apply.