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Boosting Your Productivity As a Medical Biller

Boosting Your Productivity As a Medical Biller

With so many tasks that medical billers juggle on a day-to-day basis like, claims follow-up, payment posting, insurance verification, and month-end closings, it can seem like a busy day, but how much are you really getting done? 

Here are some ways you can boost your productivity with all the tasks you have on your plate so that you feel a sense of accomplishment during your work day.


Set Goals & priorities

By writing down your daily list of goals you are able to set the start of your day knowing what tasks you want to work on and complete. Try not to make your list too long as you only have so many hours in your work day. Observe your list and prioritize each task from biggest to smallest. For example, if you know you need to verify insurance for ten patients for today, and you have thirty claims you need to follow up with insurance companies on, set the smaller task,  in this case verifying insurance for 10 patients as the first priority, then work the 30 claims you need to follow up on as this task can take you a little longer to complete. So really look at the list you have written and be sure to prioritize the list that best suits you and your day.


Organize Your Time

Setting and organizing your time will also help you boost productivity. Set times of how long you will work on each task.  From our example above, let’s just say you will verify insurance for 30 mins. Make sure you complete that task within the 30-minute time frame you set for yourself. If it takes you a little longer, then that’s ok, just make sure you work through them with little distraction so you can get them completed. Once it's done, you can tackle the next task and set a time of completion and so forth. Organizing your time will keep you on track to ensure that you are getting things done in a timely fashion.


Check off Your To-do List

Checking off your tasks as you complete them will show you the things you have accomplished for that day. Looking at what you have completed will make you feel much better overall while improving your productivity. 


Use Resources to Help You  Become Efficient

Writing tasks down on a notepad may not be your forte, so why not try other resources to keep your task list organized so that you can get them completed, and be more efficient? One resource that you can use is keeping your task list on a spreadsheet and tracking them this way so that it's on your computer and visible to you. This is a great way for you to see your task list in full force. Find templates that are of your preference when it comes to the look of your spreadsheet. Another resource is using project management software or apps to help you with your task list. Some software and apps have features for follow-up, color coding to identify high-priority tasks versus low-priority tasks, and even send you reminders on a task that needs follow-up.


You don’t have to go through your day being busy and not productive, so why not try these to help you get things done?



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